Diagnostic Evaluations


school-psychologistThe Team
Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc. works in collaboration with licensed clinical and school psychologists to provide psychoeducational evaluations.  Our psychologists test students who have been identified by their teachers or other school personnel. Standardized test materials are used to evaluate students.  All testing materials are provided by Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc.  A client support staff coordinates the testing schedules, reviews all reports, and sends the reports to the schools.  This staff works closely with school special education directors in meeting the assessment needs of their students.  We work hard to help each school personnel to feel that we are here to answer their questions or needs.  When we receive a call from one of our schools, the person calling will receive our undivided attention.  Problems will be solved, questions will be answered, or needs will be met, to the best of our ability.

Guidance to New Schools or New Personnel
The client support staff at the corporate office of Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc. is happy to work closely with new schools or new school personnel to assure that they get the assessment services they need.  Our process is simple and straightforward yet designed to get crucial information to schools regarding those students they have identified as demonstrating learning difficulties or exceptionally high abilities.

Individualized Service
Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc. does not provide an assessment package that dictates the tests to be administered to all students.  School personnel know what information is required to best meet the needs of each student.  By selecting only the tests required, our staff can then tailor the assessment accordingly.  If school personnel are uncertain which tests would provide the best data for a particular student, our psychologists are available for conferences to discuss the student’s needs.

When the school determines that a student needs to be evaluated, they need the information that is provided as a result of an evaluation, as soon as possible.  Having to wait for an extended period of time to have the testing scheduled is frustrating for school staff and, ultimately, detrimental to the student’s progress.  Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc. prides itself in providing the schools with a written report of the testing within two weeks of the time the testing is scheduled.  Often, the turn-around time is much shorter.

The Sites
Students are tested at their school or, if they attend an on-line school, they are tested in a nearby public library or at the psychologist’s office.

A written report, explaining the test results, is emailed directly to the school soon after the testing is completed.  Reports include an explanation of the results as well as what those results mean in terms of the student’s learning, and the implications for the student’s educational program.

The Assessment Process
1.  The school emails a test request form, provided by Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc., to the corporate office.
2. The corporate office schedules the testing at the school, or for online schools, at the psychologist’s office or at a public libary convenient to the student’s family.
3.  Testing is completed.
4.  The psychologist writes a complete report explaining the test results and providing implications for the student’s educational program.
5.  The report is emailed to the corporate office for review.
6.  The report is emailed to the school.

Phone Conferences
Our psychologists are available, via conference calls, to discuss the student assessment needs prior to testing, present test results to school staff prior to IEP meetings, participate in IEP meetings, and/or address staff questions or needs, as requested.

Records Reviews
Schools often request a Records Review.  They send materials they have on a student to the corporate office.  One of our psychologists will review the data and provide a summary with recommendations for the school.

Schools Can Identify New Requests
Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc. provides exceptional assessment services for schools.  There are times when schools have a need, related to our services, which is not addressed on the test request form.  We are open to suggestions for ways to help each school meet the assessment needs of their students.  For example, it was because of one school’s need for the psychologist to be at the IEP meeting, that we began to offer that service through conference  calls.  This area of conference calls has expanded to include meetings to discuss student assessment needs prior to testing, present test results to staff prior to IEP meetings, or address staff questions or needs.

Fees are determined by the specific testing requested.  Schools are not charged for testing materials.  Schools are billed on the first day of the month for testing that has been completed and sent to the school during the previous month.

The psychologists and client support staff of Barbara S. DeSalvo, Inc. strive to earn the respect of the students, parents, and staff at each charter school we serve, with each student we assist.

Current References
References are available upon request.